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  Satellite Events held at WIFKL-2012

Nine (9) satellite events were held at the WIF-KL 2012 by various participating organisations,  successfully creating a rich, diverse and exciting interactive environment for knowledge-exchange and sharing. 

Jejak Inovasi (Innovation Walk)

Jejak Inovasi was held as an open day for inventors. There was a forum and various talks by subject matter experts. It included a pitching session by inventors to potential investors. Organisers: MOSTI, YIM.

YIM Kids Invent! - finale

Kids Invent! is a licensed HANDS-ON INNOVATIVE workshop developed by two renowned experts on children creativity and learning – Dr. Ed Sobey and Dr. Timothy Stearns for primary and secondary school students focusing on learning science and mathematics.  During 2012, Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia has organised 15 Kids Invent! nationwide, reaching 5900 primary school students, 675 youths, 1300 teachers/officers/parents and 713 schools. "Kids Invent! Finale" concludes on a celebrative note at WIFKL-2012. Organisers: YIM, American Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, LLC (AIIE).


TEDxMerdekaSquare provided a social initiative platform where people from diverse backgrounds and interests came together to learn, design and use knowledge that focuses on facilitating communities to get involved and assist the disadvantaged while inspiring others to do the same. Organisers: Social Enterprise Alliance.

Asia Grassroot Innovation Design Competition and Forum

The design competition focused on grassroot innovation from 15 Asia Pacific countries, with winners being matched to funders. Organiser: Granma

21st Century Learning (Innovation in Education) workshop

21st century education is bold. It breaks the mould. It is flexible, creative, challenging, and complex. It addresses a rapidly changing world filled with fantastic new problems as well as exciting new possibilities. The world issues today lead to a need for students to be able to communicate, function and create change personally, socially, economically and politically on local, national and global levels. These issues were raised and discussed at length at this workshop and concluding panel discussion. Organisers: YIM, American Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, LLC (AIIE).

Re:Generation and Transform and Roll Out Session

Re:Generation was a fusion of power talks and moderated discussions on the different key industries and issues (agriculture, business services, communications, content and infrastructure, education, healthcare, fighting corruption and crime, etc.). There was also an outdoor session, "WALKTHETALK"  that engaged participants in group activity and discussions on how to promote Malaysia’s best and brightest youth projects. Organiser: myHarapan.

International Symposium on Accelerating Innovation in Developing Countries

The symposium explored appropriate approaches to promote technological innovation in developing countries. Symposium participants developed an understanding about the current practice of innovation process in developing countries; explored a suitable approach to measure innovation activities in developing countries and their impacts on the society; discussed innovation policy issues in developing countries. Special emphasis was given to the human, institution and firm capacities in innovation, grassroots innovation, innovation platforms and clustering, and innovation activities financing. The symposium provided a framework to promote innovation in developing countries, including a working paper on innovation governance, measurement and policy.  Organiser: UNESCO.

Cyber Security Malaysia Awards, Conference & Exhibition (CSM-ACE) 2012

The CSM-ACE 2012 held its annual industry conference at WIFKL-2012. CSM-ACE helps shape the regional information security landscape.  The theme for CSM-ACE 2012 was “CyberSecurity Risk & Compliance for Economic Transformation”. Organiser:  CyberSecurity Malaysia.

Anugerah Piala Cipta

The "Piala Cipta" is a nationwide search for champions of innovation and airs on TV3 as a reality TV programme called "Dengan Inovasi, Yo!".  Structured as an inter-school championship, Piala Cipta started with day-long workshops followed by a competition phase and culminated in a final inter-state round.  Winners of Piala Cipta were announced and honoured at a grand peer-to-peer awards ceremony. Organiser: Kakiseni.

WIFKL Innovation Awards Night

The WIF-KL 2012 Innovation Awards Night celebrated and recognized innovative and creative efforts by enterprises, grassroots, schools, universities, youths, women, technologists and scientists. Categories of awards included the National Innovation Awards, the National Young Scientist Award, the National Technologist Award, the most innovative security company and professional of the year, various Bio-Innovation Awards, the Cipta Awards and Grassroots Innovators Awards. Organisers: MOSTI, YIM.

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