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  Presentation Materials & Slides
From the International Symposium on Accelerating Innovation in Developing Countries held as a
satellite event of WIF-KL 2012

Day 1: Presentation Slides in PDF format:
Title Type Size
1 - Opening speech and sharing Malaysian experience in pursuit to achieve an innovative nation, driven by knowledge based economy

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2 - The key ingredient of innovation system in less developed countries

pdf download 0.12 MB
3 - Innovation policy issues in developing countries, case study - Indonesia s innovation policy system

pdf download 0.86 MB
4 - Current Malaysian Innovation Strategy

pdf download 2.42 MB
5 - Innovation policy for inclusion; the case of South Africa

pdf download 1.16 MB
6 - Innovation policy issues in China

pdf download 0.20 MB
7 -The governance of innovation systems in developing countries - The case of Colombia

pdf download 0.37 MB
8 - Historical development of Korean development system; some implication(No Presentation Material included)

txt download 0.02 KB
9 - Innovation approach in new global context; a useful policy toolQ

pdf download 0.17 MB
10- Dynamics of innovation in Costa Rica

pdf download 0.91 MB
11 - R&D indicators and economics growth; The non-substitutable role of Public Expenditure

pdf download 0.52 MB
12 -Best practices in R&D in the south, Lessons for OIC member states

pdf download 0.68 MB
13 - Revisiting Malaysia s Technology and R&D related policy studies and findings from 1990-2012

pdf download 5.55 MB

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Day 2: Presentation Slides in PDF format:
Title Type Size
1. Innovating in an emerging economy - The Indian Experience

pdf download 0.12 MB
2. R&D and Innovation in Malaysian Manufacturing Sector-Progress and Challenges

pdf download 0.42 MB
3. Innovation and Technological Catch-Up in Emerging Countries -The Case of the Wine Industry

pdf download 0.63 MB
4. Learning from Unexpected Sources of Innovation - Scaling up grassroots innovations - Anil Gupta

pdf download 6.90 MB
5. Jejak Inovasi - Malaysia s Initiative in Promoting Grassroot Innovation

pdf download 0.61 MB
6. Grassroots innovation and green industrialisation - towards a new 3D politics for sustainable development after Rio20

pdf download 0.58 MB
7. STI for Social Inclusion - experiences struggles and policy opportunities - Uruguay

pdf download 0.75 MB
8. Determinants of the adoption of technological innovation by SMEs in Indonesia and its impact on organizational performance

pdf download 0.34 MB
9. Enhancing the Innovation Capacity of SMEs

pdf download 2.01 MB
10. Promoting Stronger and More Inclusive Innovation and Technology Spillovers

pdf download 1.30 MB
11. Business Driven Science and Technology Parks (STPs) for Accelerating Innovation – Cases from Malaysia and India

pdf download 0.58 MB
12. Innovation Challenges Opportunties and the Way Forward in Developing Countries

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